Jan 7th
    What W
What are the biology standards?
You must have a bound notebook!!!!
Student information sheet
Complete 2 practice EOC questions
Add EOC questions to notebook with standards
Link to
Biology Standards
Parent Letters
Scavenger Hunt in Lab

Jan 8th
EOC practice question with standard taped in notebook
Notes sustainable vs. frontier ethic
Take the Ecofootprint quiz write your score in your
Finish Scavenger hunt
Play sustainable song Big Yellow Taxi
Write in notebook Why is song sustainable?

Jan 9th
Practice EOC
Song Overcome the Recapitulation
Copy sustainable vs frontier ethic in notebook
Blog for sustainability due Jan 18th
Rubric for grading blog response
Safety   Have signed and put into notebook
Choose a word for word wall and hangup
Choose which safety rule to role play

Jan 10th
Practice EOC
Song Where is the Love?
Hang up word if not finished yesterday
Act out your safety rule take picture
How to
evaluate information
Sign on to USA test prep
Take assigned quiz from USA test prep

SEE ME for any work before March 4th

March 4th
complete eoc practice usa test prep
Go over subwork Enzymes
Notes on enzymes
How are enzymes related to fermentation?
Reading guide due Wednesday Chapter 6
Work on ecosystems ..must have 3 questions answered
from the project handout
List of things to do:
complete reading guide
complete enzyme study guide
answer 3 questions from ecosystem project
make root beer or cheese

March 5th
song eoc practice
Go over reading guide
enzyme notes
continue notes on enzymes
enzyme interactive
Practice questions
Make root beer or cheese
Work on ecosystems
Answer one more question from project sheet

March 6th
Take benchmark practice 1
  • review reading guide complete reading guide for
enzyme practice
cell parts
make cheese or root beer
work on ecosystems
one more questions answered from project

March 7th
Cell interactive
Continue cell notes
cell role play assignments
make root beer or cheese
Those that have made cheese or root beer turn in
Homework-usa test prep
reading guide due tomorrow-test grade

March 8th
check reading guide for grade
role play cell parts
take eoc cell
cell practice questions
notes cell membrane and homoestasis
Gizmo osmosis
make cheese or root beer
work on ecosystems

March 11th
subwork cell transport webquest

March 12th
make cheese or root beer
go over webquest cell transport
take usa test prep quiz cell practice 2 and 3
work on ecosystems

March 13th
continue cheese or root beer
finish reviewing webquest on cell transport
eoc practice cell 3
ecosystem work

March 14th
benchmark practice
continue cheese or root beer
turn in an paragraph explaining the chemistry behind
cheese or root beer fermentation
finish notes on cell transport
work on ecosystem

March 19th
sub work
Mitosis and
meiosis webquest

April 8th
Add another page to class reading guide
finish Gattaca
Reminder Chapter 10 reading guide due
Online DNA
structure review
Work on ecosystems

April 18th
reading guide
work on protein synthesis role play
DNA mutations
work on ecosystems
mutations interactive

  • What are chemical bonds?
Reading log futurama
Watch futurama video and discuss
Watch second
futurama video and discuss
word wall
Notes through sections 1 and 2 chapter 1
brain pop chemical bonds
Chapter outline due tomorrow
popquiz brainpop 4 ques

Jan 10th
  • What are the properties of water?
Go to Treffinger's room for reading lesson
Review bonding with Gizmo
Continue notes Chapter 2
Brain pop water
complete wrksht
HW word wall words

Jan 11th
  • What are the molecules of life?
warm up questions
Continue notes organic chemicals

Jan 14th
  • What is activation energy?
warm up questions
finish chapter 2
watch brainpop carbohydrates, dna
watch enzyme animation

Jan 15th
  • How do you test for various organic molecules?
Lab organic molecules
Keep lab to work with next week

Warm up questions
Test review

Jan 17th
Chapter 1 outline due Tues Jan 22nd
Word Wall Chapter 1

Jan 18th
  • How do you test for acids and bases?
Journal questions
Acid base lab

Jan 22nd
  • How is a lab report and the scientific method
Journal questions
Take chapter 1 outlines
Discuss how to write a lab report
compare to the organic molecules lab
notes chapter 1

Jan 23rd
  • How do scientists think?
Journal questions
Notes section 1 finished
brainpop scientific method

Jan 24th
  • What is the metric system?
Notes section 2, 3, 4, of chapter 1
Brainpop metric system
Test Jan 28th

Jan 25th
snow day

Jan 28th
Journal questions
Test Chapter 1
outline chapter 7 due Wed.

Jan 29th
journal questions
  • What are the parts of a microscope?
complete microscope lab
Next outline Chapter 7 due tomorrow

Jan 30th
  • What is dimensional analysis?
journal questions
Outline due chapter 7
Take up lab reports
analysis questions
more practice
more and
more practice

Feb 1st
journal questions
  • What is a prokaryotic cell?
More Dimensional practice from notebooks
see me for notebooks

Feb 4th
  • How do you calculate density?
journal questions
Gizmo Density

Feb 5th
  • How can you determine an objects buoyancy?
journal questions
Gizmo density
Graph HW from notebooks (see me)

Feb 6th
  • What are the types of graphs?
Journal questions
Test graphing and DA

Feb 7th
What is the cell theory?
journal questions
Take up journals
finish test
notes chapter 7 section 1
take up journals

Feb 8th
  • What is the difference between Prokaryotic and
    eukaryotic cells?
Journal questions
Notes biology chapter 7

Feb 11th
  • What are the parts of a plant and animal cell?
Journal questions
Gizmo Osmosis
Notes diffusion
Color the cell notes
Cell worksheet for HW

Feb 12th
  • What is diffusion and osmosis?
Journal questions
finish Gizmo
finish chapter notes
Review packet due Thursday

Feb 13th
  • How do you calculate concentration?
journal questions
osmosis lab
review for test

Feb 14th
Test Chapter 7
journal questions
Chapter 8 outline due Monday Feb 18th

Feb 18th
No Journal
Sub work
Chapter 8 section one questions
complete worksheet

Feb 19th
  • What is photosynthesis?
journal question
Notes chapter 8 Take up outline
Complete notes section 2 chapter 8
Study packet due Thursday Feb 21st

Feb 20th
  • What are the light reactions?
Journal questions
Notes section 3
Test Friday

Feb 21st
  • What are the dark reactions?
Journal questions
Finish notes section 3
Go over take home packet for review
prefix quiz
Test tomorrow

Feb 22nd
No journal
Word wall chapter 9

Feb 25th
Journal questions
Begin discussion chapter 9
Outline due Chapter 9 Tuesday

Feb 26th
Journal questions
Discussion respiration
brainpop respiration
Take up outlines
Study packet given today due on Wednesday

Feb 27th
Journal questions
Respiration continued
Test tomorrow
go over study packets
prefix test Tuesday

Feb 28th
test chapter 9
word wall chapter 10

March 1st
Journal questions
Discussion chapter 10
Brainpop mitosis

March 4th
Journal questions
Complete study packet
Continue Mitosis discussion
Take up outlines for chapter 10

March 5th
journal questions
Take up Mitosis study packet
Go over study packet

March 6th
journal questions

March 7th
no journal questions
Begin Chapter 11 notes
Give out 200 question chapter review due next Friday
watch brainpop heredity

march 8th
no journal questions
continue chapter 11 notes
begin punnet square practice problems

march 11th
Journal questions
Continue notes chapter 11
continue punnet square practice
watch brainpop genetics

Website down March 12th -24th

March 25th
No journal
Sub work complete outlines Chapter 13 and 14

March 26th
No journal
Complete Gizmo