Aug 19th First Day of School

The theme of this class is sustainability. Each day
we will listen to a song. Be thinking of how you
would define sustainable based on the songs we
play this week.
Song The Big Yellow Taxi
Introduction photo with your chromebook
  • Login to
  • use google to sign in
  • enter code (look on board)
  • upload your photo with a short reason for
    taking it
Parent Letter
Student handbook
complete student information sheet
Icebreaker The Snake
Scavenger hunt
Homework: bring a notebook, sign parent letter, finish
student information sheets

Aug 20th
Song Overcome the recapitulation
Finish scavenger hunt
Evaluate this
picture and answer this question
  • Would you share this?
  • Do you care if it is real or not?
  • Is it real? How do you know?
Evaluate this meme for validity
  • Why would someone post this?
  • Is this true? How do you know
Word Wall How to do it.....see me
Safety   Have signed and put into notebook
Read Death end during SSR and complete google form

Aug 21st
.E.1A.8 Obtain and evaluate scientific information to (1) answer questions,
(2) explain or describe phenomena, (3) develop models, (4) evaluate
hypotheses, explanations, claims, or designs or (5) identify and/or fill gaps in
knowledge. Communicate using the conventions and expectations of
scientific writing or oral presentations by (1) evaluating grade-appropriate
primary or secondary scientific literature, or (2) reporting the results  of
student experimental investigations.
Evaluate this chart and answer the questions below
  • Does it look legitimate (real)? explain
  • Could you use this as a source for a discussion
    concerning internet usage
Song Gone Jack Johnson
Take SLO
Reading log during ssr
  • Take a picture of you being safe and not safe and
    upload to class dojo
How to evaluate information

Aug 22nd
Song Feels Like Summer
Answer the question for all three memes or
articles below and then evaluate one:
Judge Judy Number 1
Denzel Number 2
Libraries Number 3
  • Why should you question the validity of the information
    on the meme or article?
  • Use the evaluation tool and choose one to actually
    research and prove if is valid or not.
Evaluate the all information using the evaluation tool
Notes How to become internet literate (see me)
definitions of fact vs opinion
Fact vs opinion vs informed opinion
Reading log Deaths end SSR

Aug 23rd
Bellringer Go to 101 ways to help the Earth. Choose
one method you will try for a week.
  • Upload your choice and reason for the choice to
    class dojo. Upload a picture or a drawing with
Read paragraph for miniature earth
How to read a
scholarly scientific article (peer
Article on
moneraphydium growth
Quiz scientific method

song Comfort Eagle
Go to google docs for Death's End definitions
Notes sustainable vs. frontier ethic
Take the
Ecofootprint quiz write your score in your
Blog Assignment: Choose one
method to help the
environment and try it for a week. Keep a log
describing what you did and how it went. By Sept 3rd  
blog your experience. Go to home page for the
Sustainable ethic blog link.
Blog for sustainability due by Sept 3rd
Rubric for grading blog response

Aug 27th
Deaths End Vocab(on board) go to Google Doc
Work on ecosystem

AUG 28
Song State Run Radio

Aug 29th
What is STEAM?
Scientific method Gizmo
Rubric for ESS Analysis
What is Earth System Science?
Analysis Example
Complete ESS Analysis
Check Rubric

Aug 30
Sub work

Sept 3rd
Go to media center
complete research on pond ecosystems
Research chemical tests
Write down the websites you used
Put all info in ecosystem notebook

Sept 4th
Go over sub work
Recycle TIC TOC

Sept 5th
Song no scrubs
Reading log Deaths End
Watershed Notes
Watch video
Watersheds on youtube
What is the
name and HUC for our watershed?
Describe exactly what the HUC number means from
  • Use DHEC form to determine the exact watershed
    location and HUC number for CHESNEE SC (you
    will find a map-look well)
Use the DHEC water quality information from pages
120 to 123 to describe the overall health of the various
creeks in our watershed.

Sept 6th
Reading log
Trace our watershed
review water cycle
Complete watershed stations (see me)

Sept 9th
Test Friday
Death's End vocab on google docs
Finish stations
ACT practice
What is ESS analysis notes
begin Ess analysis
work on ecosystems

  • Test Friday on sustainability, safety, scientific
    method, Deaths End, watershed, topographic
    maps, ecosystem, chemical tests for ecosystems,
    ESS analysis, microscopes
Song Polygraph eyes
How to work a microscope
Create your ESS analysis
Work on ecosystems

Sept 11th
Continue ESS analysis
work on ecosystems

Sept 12th
I am giving the Pre ACT today
You will report to Coach Rentz
Complete the ESS analysis

Sept 13th

Sept 16th
reading log
Notes biogeochemical cycles
Play carbon cycle game
Transfer ESS analysis
Work on ecosystems

Sept 17
Sub work

Sept 18
Seniors on field trip

Sept 19th
Act practice
Hang up ess analysis

Sept 20th
  • I can diagram the nitrogen cycle of my
  • I can explain interactions between Earth's
Act practice
Peer review Ess analysis
Complete nitrogen cycle review of your ecosystem
What is the poster for ecosystem?
ecosystem work

Sept 23rd
  • I can determine type of star using the HR
ACT practice
Begin unit Astronomy with GIZMO HR Diagram
Complete on your chromebook
Work on ecosystem

Sept 24th
  • I can distinguish between the various types in
    the life of a star
  • I can determine what happens to a small star
    vs. a large star in its life cycle

New ACT test practice
Finish HR diagram Gizmo turn in
Notes life cycle of a star
Work on ecosystems

Sept 25th
sub work

Sept 26th
  • I can use the big bang to determine universe
  • I can explain how gravity formed the galaxies
ACT practice
Turn in HR diagram
Finish Contact
Star cycle activity-homework

Sept 27th
ACT practice
The Big
Bang Notes
The Big
Bang evidence CBR
Story for edward
Finish Contact
Ecosystem observations

Sept 30
  • I can explain why frequency of a wave changes in
    relation to a point
Ecosystem observations
vocab deaths end
act practice
What is the
doppler effect?
Complete Gizmo Hubble Law

Oct 3rd
  • I can classify stars based on the EMG
  • I can determine if a star is moving away or
    toward us
Vocabulary Deaths end
ACT practice
Ecosystem observations
grade notebooks
Gizmo Star Spectra

Test Friday on Deaths end, Star life cycle, Big
bang theory and evidence, ACT practice question,
Questions from the movie Contact, reading the
HR diagram, Star Spectra, Biogeochemical cycles

Oct 2nd
ACT practice
ecosystem observations
Finish star spectra gizmo

Oct 3rd
ACT practice
ecosystem observations
Notes galaxies
Galaxy lab
galaxy morphology
Zooniverse galaxies

Oct 4th

Oct 7th
ACT practice
Ecosystem observations
Solar system formation notes
Recipe for a solar system

Oct 8th

Oct 9th
Recycling tearing pages
work on door decoration

Oct 10th
Ecosystem observations
Gizmo Kepler's law
Hang up door decoration

Oct 11th
Ecosystem observations
Book recycling
Keplers law finish first law Gizmo
Moon formation theory notes
Moon rap song
moon skit

Oct 14th
Ecosystem observations
Kepler's second law
Continue moon information
moon bloopers
formation simulation
Moon comparisons

Oct 15th
Read Deaths End

Oct 16th
I can explain how the different types of telescopes have
increased understanding of the universe.
Ecosystem observations and research
  • Test Friday moon formation, planet comparison,
    Deaths End, Keplers laws, Ecosystem questions,
    oort cloud,solar system formation, Types of
Begin Gizmo Keplers 3rd law
Finish solar system recipe activity
  • Complete telescope activities complete 5
    activities with explanations

Oct 17th
Catch up --finish Gizmo
finish solar system recipe
finish telescope activity
finish grading notebooks
  • check your ecosystem notebook. if you do not
    have at least 20 pages of observations and
    research you better get to work.
Test Tuesday

Oct 18th
Ecosystem work
everyone prepping for pep rally

Oct 21st
Ecosystem work
finish telescope information
Test review
finish up missing work

Oct 22nd
ecosystem work

Oct 23rd

Oct 24th
Ecosystem observations
Add Earth foldables to notebook
Begin word wall words
Notes Earth Layers
Gizmo rock cycle

Oct 25th
Ecosystem observations
Continue Earth layer notes
Finish Rock cycle Gizmo
Finish word wall
Begin Earth stations

Oct 28th
Stations Earth predictors
Earth layered interior
seismologist vs Theoretician
structure data

Nov 8th
Sub work
The Core

Nov 11
Veterans Day

Nov 12th
How to begin poster write the introduction
How to build a silica
tetrahedron kite (Google it)
Complete might mineral cartoon
complete mystery mineral identification
complete might minerals sheet
Notes mineral formation
Notes minerals
Notes minerals

Earth Science Daily