Jan 9th First Day of School
H.E.1A.8 Obtain and evaluate scientific information to (1) answer questions, (2) explain or
describe phenomena, (3) develop models, (4) evaluate hypotheses, explanations, claims,
or designs or (5) identify and/or fill gaps in knowledge. Communicate using the
conventions and expectations of scientific writing or oral presentations by (1) evaluating
grade-appropriate primary or secondary scientific literature, or (2) reporting the results  of
student experimental investigations.
Send home parent letter Discuss on Tuesday
Parent letter
Notebook directions
Science Standards
guided questions

Jan 10th
Continue Unit 1
Sub Work
Student information sheet

Jan 11th
Continue Unit 1
What is STEAM?
ACT practice purpose method and results
Scavenger hunt
take up parent letters
review science notebook format

Jan 12th
ACT Practice identifying variables
Add ACT information to your notebook page 10
continue lab safety
make safe and unsafe pictures
finish guided questions
test and notebook check on Tuesday
Test covers safety, ACT, ISN, STEAM

Jan 16th
Define Sustainability
Play Song Big Yellow Taxi
Unit 2 Begins today Make a cover page
Paraphrase for Cover page
Learning Goal:
The student will demonstrate an
understanding of the internal and external
dynamics of Earth’ or Earth System Science
Learning Goal: Standard H.E.2: The student will demonstrate an
understanding of the structure, properties, and history of the
observable universe.
Check for mastery of the Unit 1 guided questions
Take Up Notebooks
  • After Test ACT Practice ten rules to get two points on ACT
    add these rules to Unit 2
Notes What is Earth System Science?
Analysis Example
Unit 2 Guided Questions ESS Analysis are found at the end of
the Power point. Write them into your ISN

Jan 17th
snow day

Jan 18th
snow day

Jan 19th
snow day

Jan 22nd
sub work

Jan 23rd
Song Overcome the Recapitulation
Unit 2 cover page with Learning Goals
Go over sub work
Begin ESS analysis for display

Song State Run Radio

Continue to Create an Earth System Science Analysis of an
event of your choice. When approved put on large paper with
illustrations. Put practice ESS analysis in your notebook.
Complete mastery of guided questions in notebook

If finished return to Jan 16th and add list of best ACT practices
to your notebook

Jan 25th
Song Don't go Near the Water
List 10 things to raise ACT score 2 points in notebook
Continue ESS analysis

Jan 26th
Song Simple man
ESS Analysis hung up
Analysis must include description and quote

Jan 29th
Song Freedom
practice watch video to 4 minute mark
  • types of science questions- Detail questions
Read paragraph for miniature earth
What is your ecofootprint?
Blog for sustainability due Feb12th
Ecofootprint quiz
Rubric for grading blog response
Hang up ESS analysis
Rubric for Analysis
The Big Bang
Guided Questions
Notes The Big Bang
Complete big bang activity

ACT practice Pattern Questions
Work on Big Bang Guided questions
Test ESS Analysis

Jan 31st
Going to the creek

Feb 1st
ACT Practice Pattern Questions
Complete macroinvertebrate survey
The Big Bang
Guided Questions
Notes The Big Bang

Feb 2nd
new groups today
Watch relativity
video as a class
Interactive relativity
Go over guided questions rules
Finish sections 1 and 2 of guided questions
Complete big bang activity

Feb 5th
get room ready for station day
continue guided questions and mastery

Feb 6th
station day

Feb 7th
Add learning goals to unit 3 cover page
H.E.2A.3 Construct explanations for how elements are formed using evidence from
nuclear fusion occurring
within stars and/or supernova explosions.
H.E.2A.4 Construct and analyze scientific arguments to support claims about the origin of
the universe
(including the red shift of light from distant galaxies, the measured composition of stars
and nonstellar gases, and the cosmic background radiation).
continue mastery
complete gizmo big bang
Project Introduction

Feb 8th
work on Gizmo

Feb 9th
gizmo work

Feb 12th
Turn in ACT 6 question packet from last week
Finish mastery on Big Bang guided questions
Begin biosphere design
  • must have explanation for design in ecosystem notebook
Star guided questions Part 1 due tomorrow
Blog due today if late you will lose points
Wordwall finish in class tomorrow

Feb 13th
check for completion of part 1 guided questions
Finish part C of Hubble Gizmo
Homework complete part 2 of guided questions

Feb 14th
ACT practice
Check for completion star guided questions part 2
  • Continue gizmo part D homework due tomorrow
check part 2 homework
Work on biospheres
Test Friday Big Bang, Universe, Stars

Feb 15th
ACT practice
Take up Gizmo Hubble's Law
Go to creek for samples
work on ecosystems

Feb 16th
passage 3 ACT
questions complete question 1
go over guided questions
Notes Stars
Finish part 3
guided questions
work on projects (go to creek)

Feb 19th
passage 3 question 2
Complete mastery of star questions
Gizmo HR diagram together as class
work on ecosystems

Feb 20th
ACT practice
Finish star spectra gizmo

Feb 21st
Sub work
Universe webquest

Feb 22nd
Test Big Bang
notebooks graded
turn in ACT questions

Feb 23rd
work on ecosystems

Feb 26th
ACT practice
Guided questions solar system part 1
solar system

Feb 27th
I will be giving the ACT so report to Coach Rentz's room.
Complete part 2 of guided questions
Complete planetary chart

Feb 28th
Work on Projects
Begin Gizmo Kepler's Laws
We will finish on Monday

March 1st
Sub work
Complete Gizmo solar system
username amoalf119
password stupid123

March 2nd
sub work
Watch video at Amazon prime
How the Universe Works:
Extreme Orbits
movie sheet
See sub sheet for username and password

March 5th
Review sub work
Continue Gizmo Keplers laws
Work on ecosystems

March 6th
Close up biosphere after all water and soil tests hav been

March 7th
ACT practice
Learning goals
Finish Gizmo Kepler's Laws
Make biosphere observations

March 8th
Sub work
video The
Moon Our partner in space
Complete Moon
Complete Moon chart

March 9th
Finish kepler's laws gizmo and turn in
Make ecosystem observations
Go over sub work moon chart
Test Wednesday solar system

March 12th
Learning goal:  Match dating methods (including
index fossils, ordering of rock layers, and
radiometric dating) with the most
appropriate application for estimating
geologic time.
ACT practice
Solar system review video
Age of the solar system and radioactive dating
Gizmo half life
Make biosphere observations

March 13th
Biosphere observations
ecosystem procedure

March 14th
Solar System

March 15th
Start unit 5 cover page Add these learning goals
H.E.4A.1 Construct scientific arguments to support claims that the physical conditions of Earth enable
the planet to support carbon-based life.
H.E.4A.2 Construct explanations for how various life forms have altered the geosphere, hydrosphere and
atmosphere over geological time.
H.E.4A.3 Construct explanations of how changes to Earth’s surface are related to changes in the
complexity and diversity of life using evidence from the geologic time scale.
H.E.4A.4 Obtain and evaluate evidence from rock and fossil records and ice core samples to support
claims that Earth’s environmental conditions have changed over time.
H.E.4A.5 Develop and use models of various dating methods (including index fossils, ordering of rock
layers, and radiometric dating) to estimate geologic time.

Biosphere observations
Geologic time
guided questions
Notes for Guided Questions
time Notes for notebook

March 16th
Biosphere observations
Begin geologic
timeline activity

March 19th
Biosphere observations
Croscutting concepts Notes
volcano activity
continue timeline activity

March 20th
work on timeline

March 21st
Types of fossil
Use classroom specimens to determine type of fossil
Fossil Essay assigned due April 11th  (see rubric and
Essay rubric and instructions for grading

March 22nd
fossil dating techniques
Gizmo half life
work on timline

March 23rd
Continue half life GIZMO
radiometric dating
Make observations
work on timeline

March 26th
work on time line must finish tomorrow
test Wednesday
Mass extinctions

March 27th
Geologic timeline work must be finished today
  • you will be able to use the timeline on the test tomorrow
transcript from fossil video review for test

March 28th
test geologic time
absent for test (complete all)
after test make observations on ecosystem

March 29th
Open ecosystem
complete all tests and observations
How to write an
essay (due April 10th)
Examples of peer
reviewed journals for reference

March 30th
You must answer one question from ecosystem project
Create new cover page Unit 6 Tectonics
questions for the unit
Gizmo Plate tectonics

Spring break

April 9th
ecosystem observations
Distribute Gizmo Plate tectonics
Study guide plate tectonics
Notes plate tectonics
map for plotting daily earthquake >5 richter scale

April 10th
Map earthquakes
Notes plate tectonincs
HW---Prove convection is real.....ideas
Begin plate tectonics gizmo

April 11th
Map earthquakes
Notes plate tectonics
continue gizmo
Plates quiz
Watch Earthquakes as they happen
Print an article for each student for fossil paper

April 12th
Map Earthquakes
Prove convection can make something move
Notes earthquakes elastic rebound theory
Gizmo finding the epicenter
Jello Earthquake activity

April 13th
paper due today Fossil
Begin proving convection
Complete epicenter activity
Data for epicenters
Maps for epicenter drawings
Notes Earthquakes and seismic waves

April 16th
prove convection
complete epicenter activity from Friday
What is the
richter scale?
Notes Earthquake resistant buildings
design of your Earthquake resistant building competition

April 17th
earthquakes mapped
prove convection
design your building
Complete epicenter 1 gizmo

April 18th
Earthquakes mapped
Review MLA format
Notes paleomagnetism and seafloor spreading
Activity present the evidence for plate tectonics
Test Friday

April 19th
Map earthquakes
richter scale base 10 power calculations
continue convection demonstrations
if time allows
Notes Volcanoes sheet
Notes volcanoes
Test review

April 20th
Second chance paper due today
Convection demonstration continue

April 23rd
Map earth quakes
Give out section 6 notebook rubric to grade tomorrow
complete ecosystem observations
What is a
hot spot?
Make unit 7 cover page rocks and minerals
Put learning standard on the cover page:
  • H.E.3A.5 Analyze and interpret data to describe the
    physical and chemical properties of minerals and rocks
    and classify each based on the properties and
    environment in which they were formed.

April 24th
Complete rock cycle Gizmo (turn in)

April 25th
cycle stations
Types of rocks
Mind map
Type of
rock classification chart

April 26th
mineral notes
Begin creation of your mineral collection with quartz (see me
for a box)
Gizmo mineral identification
Fins somehting you think is feldspar from my collection
Build a silica tretrahedron (marshmallows and toothpicks)

April 27th
  • Determine if the sample you chose is really feldspar with
    the mineral tests discussed yesterday
Identify sample D from Gizmo
You will be given a random sample determine if it is calcite
Continue Gizmo identification through sample E
  • Homework: continue the Gizmo through sample Z due next Friday
    May 4th

April 30th
Continue mineral identification for your collection
Notes weathering, erosion
Go outside to find examples of sand, silt, clay, cobbles, boulders,

May 1st
H.E.3A.6 Develop and use models to explain how various rock
formations on the surface of Earth result from
geologic processes (including weathering, erosion, deposition, and
H.E.3A.7 Plan and conduct controlled scientific investigations to
determine the factors that affect the rate of
biosphere observations
notes weathering
Begin Weathering stations

May 2nd
Identify 2 more minerals on Gizmo. Due complete May 4th Friday
Notes weathering and erosion
Finish weathering stations


Aug 29th
Finish experiment design

Aug 30th
Venn Diagram Scientific method vs engineering
USA Test prep bell ringer
Experiment observations
definitions page 21
Ethics notes
Write sustainable ethic

Aug 31st
  • Why study how the universe formed?
  • What inventions exist because of working on space
H.E.2A.4 Construct and analyze scientific arguments to support
claims about the origin of the universe (including the red shift
of light from distant galaxies, the measured composition of
stars and nonstellar gases, and the cosmic background

Sept 1st
How did the universe form?
Test Safety, Sustainability, scientific method
After test finish Easter Island questions

Sept 5th

Sept 6th
  • Why did Einstein Develop the Cosmological Constant?
  • Which theory was the natural beginning of a Big Bang
  • Who showed that the universe was indeed expanding?
  • According to the expansion law do the galaxies expand
    away from each other equally? Explain.

Go over Easter Island Homework from last week
Song Overcome the Recapitulation
12 things you should know about
general relativity
  • Assignment ( see me for handout) Complete a 2 min or
    less video explaining the assigned concept using the 5 E
    method described in handout. Blog due Sept 12th
Notes Big Bang theory
Guided questions Big Bang theory
Demonstrate #11 of the 12 things you should know using things
from my classroom. Be able to explain how time and space are

Sept 7th
Standard HE2A5 Obtain and evaluate information to describe
how the use of x-ray, gamma-ray, radio, and visual (reflecting,
refracting, and catadioptric) telescopes and computer modeling
have increased the understanding of the universe.

Song Gone Jack Johnson
Continue guided questions
ChaCha Who discovered the Universe was expanding?
Finish Notes Big Bang
work on video assignment due when school is back in sesson

Sept 8th
Change of Pace New Standard H.E.5A.5 Construct
explanations for the formation of severe weather conditions to
create hurricanes
Create a hurricane
Follow how a
hurricane knows where to go
Blog due Sept 12
Video due when school is back in. Be sure to share with me

Sept 12th
Standard H.E.2A.2  Use the Hertzsprung-Russell diagram to
classify stars and explain the life cycles of stars (including the
Man Video
Videos due and shared with me by Sept 13th
discuss blog entries due today
Continue guided questions on page 25
notes nucleosynthesis pg 26 and page
Begin plans for
lab write up due Sept 29th

Sept 13th
SLO pretest
SLO answer sheet for short answer
H.E.2A.3 Construct explanations for how elements are formed
using evidence from nuclear fusion occurring within stars
and/or supernova explosions.
Make observations
Watch your videos on relativity
standards to notebook
Star life cycle activity
Create a part of the star life cycle you have been assigned on a card. You will read your
card and description aloud to the class. You will then be asked to chronologically order
the cards in the stages of the star, from birth to death and must work together with others
in the class. 5 minutes later announce your results to the rest of the class by reading your
lifecycle cards in the order that you chose.
use Earth Science books from the cabinet

Sept 14th
Look over blog entries
Watch videos on relativity
Discuss ecocolumns
PLat star life cycle game
notes Telescopes
notebook  see rubric
Test Monday

Sept 15th
Lab report due sept 29
Finish Telescope notes
Finish guided questions for test Tuesday
Complete guided
questions ecocolumn
Ecocolumn directions
Grade notebook
Test Thursday

Sept 18th
Discuss new blog entries
Discuss STEAM Academy
Notes Apparent vs. Absolute Magnitude
Complete Star spectra Gizmo

Sept 19th
finish ecocolumn questions
Discuss grades for interims
finish Gizmo's Star Spectra

Sept 20th
Parallax explanation
properties notes
Test review

Sept 21st
Word wall

sept 22nd
Notes galaxies
identification zoo galaxy
science choose a project
handout citizen science

Sept 25th
How did the solar system form?
sub work
birth of Earth
origin of
earth information sheet

Sept 26th
Day 1 ecocolumn build

Sept 27th
review ecocolumn check notebooks
go down to the creek for collection
go over sub work
solar system gizmo

Sept 28th
Sub Work

Sept 29th
Review Sub work solar system formation
Give out copies of
standard for notebook
Cross Cutting
concepts for notebook
theories of solar system formation
Go over solar
system diagram
Ecocolumn notebook check
decomposition layer
Chacha How is the moon unique?

Oct 2nd
Arrange Steam Art
Continue ecocolumn construction

Oct 3rd
Hang Steam Art
Continue ecocolumn construction

Oct 4th
finish ecocolumn
discuss the ecocolumn information for the semester project

Oct 5th
Make slides from ecosystem
Review solar system theories
Which Cross cutting concepts suit the information?
Look at solar system diagram
Complete solar system Gizmo

Oct 6th
Turn in Gizmo
Make slides of water from ecocolumn
make notes in ecocolumn journal
Moon theories
Gizmo gravity on the moon

Oct 9th
sub work
Kepler's laws
Gizmo Kepler's laws

Oct 10th
Sub work
Gizmo pond ecosystems

Oct 11th
Go over sub work
Notes Kepler's laws
make slides on ecocolumns

Oct 12th
continue sub work review
begin chemical tests of ecocolumn

Oct 13th
finish sub work review (Kepler Gizmo)
finish chemical tests

Oct 16th
make slides
finish Kepler Gizmo
Test Wednesday

Oct 17th
Test review

Oct 18th

Oct 19th
Core of the
earth pretest
Core of the earth
Work on ecosystems
conference call

Oct 23rd
add fish to ecosystems
go over pretest answers
Continue Notes Core of the Earth
use text book to compare info from powerpoint
overview sheet for review
go over the
core checklist
finish Core model

ecosystem work
give back tests for correction

Oct 25th
latitude and longitude information
continue earth
structure notes
finish Earth models
work on ecosystems

Oct 26th
Finish Earth structure notes
Work on litter free game

Oct 30th
H.E.3B.2 Construct scientific arguments to support claims that
responsible management of natural resources is necessary for
the sustainability of human societies and the biodiversity that
supports them.

speeches for students
sheet for contest
Finish Earth Model
Work on ecosystems

Oct 31st
Finish Models

Nov 1st
Count bottles for contest

H.E.3A.3 Construct explanations of how forces cause crustal
changes as evidenced in sea floor spreading, earthquake
activity, volcanic eruptions, and mountain building using
evidence of tectonic
environments (such as mid-ocean ridges and subduction

earthquakes on world map 10 minutes

What is the difference between conduction, convection, and
radiation? What part do each of these forces play in the cause
crustal changes that occur on Earth?
Break into groups of 4
Each group member has a job
1-create a wordwall Convection, radiation, Conduction
guided questions
3- find an activity to demonstrate convection and ask teacher
for materials if approved
4-find an activity to demonstrate radiation and conduction and
ask teacher for materials if approved
If one person finishes before another they will help 50 minutes

When all group members are finished they will explain each
portion of their task to the other team members.
Notes on convection, radiation, and conduction. Why is the
Earth so hot inside?

Nov 2nd
Count Bottles

After finishing the count you must complete the following list
today in groups of 3
biogeochemical cycles web quest
2) word wall 8 per group
3) demonstrate convection
4) demonstrate radiation and conduction
5) label your earth model
6) Gizmo plate tectonics

Nov 3rd
Count bottles
1) map earthquakes
2) label earth model
3) play carbon game
all of this must be completed for grade

Nov 6th
Standard: find patterns and cycles that can be used to predict
future phenomena.
1) count bottles
map earthquakes
3) part 1
 biogeochemical cycles webquest
4) mapping an
earthquake activity
complete all activities for credit

Nov 8th
Count bottles
Gizmo earthquake stations

Nov 9th
Sub work
finish the movie contact
Begin gizmo plate tectonics

Nov 10
count bottles
gizmo seismic stations
gizmo epicenters

Nov 13th
Discuss ecocolumn questions for presentation
List of work that must be complete by tomorrow
plate tectonics guided questions
gizmo plate tectonics
gizmo earthquake
gizmo epicenter
biogeochemical webquest
carbon cycle game
demonstration of convection, radiation, radiation

Nov 14th
last day to finish the list above

Nov 15th
minerals notes
minerals webquest
mighty minerals activity
work on ecocolumns

Nov 16th
notes where minerals form
Gizmo mineral identification
work on ecocolumns

Nov 17th
Gizmo rock cycle
Might minerals activity

Nov 20th
Gizmo rock identification
work on ecocolumns
find examples of each rock and the minerals that make up
those rocks.

_______________________STOP HERE________

Aug 25th
How do galaxies form?
Discuss miniature earth
Song Gone
Research for hypothesis seed germination
Complete hypothesis
begin experimental procedure
Notes Big Bang

Aug 25th
How do we engineer a seed bag for the customer?
No song
ACT practice--output
seed observations input
engineering ideas input
read 2312 with definitions

Aug 26th
ACT compare and contrast
SLO Preassessment

Aug 29th
ACT question 1 output
song The Middle input
seed planting
Reading 2312 input
Notes big bang--output

Aug 30th
How does the doppler effect work?
reading 2312
seed planting
Gizmo Doppler effect--turn in
Semester project assigned

Aug 31st
No Act
reading 2312 chapter 2
prepare Care packages

Sept 1st My birthday!!!!
What is the absorption Spectrum?
ACT input
Read 2312 chapter 3 input
Gizmo star spectra reference
effect activity reference
Evidence of the
Big Bang work reference
project observation write in notebook input

Sept 2nd
What us the universe timeline?
ACT input
Read 2312 input
Brainpop star spectra
homework for review due Tuesday
blog due Sept 12th
Gallery walk Big Bang timeline

Sept 6th
What is a light year?
ACT practice
Read 2312
go over homework --not done turn in tomorrow
get copy of notes from aug 29th
galaxies form
what is a
light year?
work on biosphere project
  • Test tomorrow: frontier vs. sustainable ethic, big bang
    theory, galaxy formation, scientific method vs. engineering

Sept 7th
go over review sheets
Test today
work on biosphere
complete two notebook pages with research

Sept 8th
How do stars form?
ACT practice
read 2312
check notebooks
stars form notes
HR diagram gizmo begin   

Sept 9th
Go to creek for water samples

Sept 12th
What are galaxies?
ACT practice
read 2312
song Dont go Near the Water
review star notes finish
HR diagram notes
Notes types of galaxies
Blog for sustainability due Sept 12th
Ecofootprint quiz
Rubric for grading blog response
  • If the blog is not done by Thursday it is a 0 for a test grade
Homework finish Hr diagram Gizmo

Sept 13
What are superclusters?
ACT practice
read 2312
six pages of notes should be in notebook today
Notes types of galaxies
galaxy notes
Galaxy video
work on project
word wall

Sept 14th
ACT practice
read 2312
should have 8 pages of notes today
dentify galaxies
How the solar
system formed
laws Notes
Keplers laws
interactive practice
work on project

  • For all work between Sept 14th and Sept 25th see me

Sept 26th
ACT practice
read 2312
Discuss moon formation theories
go over planet chart homework
Answer the following questions in your notebook:
  • Which moon theory is most closely related to the newest
  • How does the evidence of basalt rock on the moon play
    into this new theory or does it?
Look at what causes tides?
Work on project

Sept 27th
Read 2312
Add moon formation
theories to notebook
Add mercury information yo your chart
New planet project (canvas)assigned due Oct 5th
Listen to scientists
podcasts about their favorite planet
  • planet charts due on Friday Sept 30th

Sept 29th
podcasts due Oct 5th
belt interactive
asteroid belt video
belt activity
cloud video
Notes meteors, comets, asteroids

Sept 30th
ACT practice
read 2312
Check planet charts
Plan for your favorite planet podcast
  • put biospheres together or defend your reason for not
    being ready

Oct 3rd
ACT practice
read 2312
Recheck planet charts
finish biosphere for those groups that did not
complete element builder gizmo

Oct 4th
Read 2312
review element gizmo
mineral and rocks
notes summary
tetrahedron model
finish notes
work on biospheres
Listen to scientists
podcasts about their favorite planet
  • podcasts due Friday Oct 7th

Oct 5th
watch lego movie to define the word mineral
build models tetrahedron
notes minerals and the tetrahedron
role play
biogeochemical cycles
  • Choose one of the following to draw labeled pictures of
    organisms  (Gloecapsa (cyanobacteria), Oscillatoria (cyanobacteria), Spirulina
    (cyanobacteria), unicellular cyanobacteria, diatoms, Phormidium (cyanobacteria),
    sulfur bacteria, purple sulfur bacteria, colorless sulfur bacteria, fermenters, and
    Microcoleus (cyanobacteria).

Oct 6th
ACT practice
2312 reading
Don't forget podcast due Friday
continue notes minerals
complete gizmo mineral identification
Microbial mats information
Microbial mats
Role Play
complete gizmo mineral identification

Oct 7th
ACT practice
read 2312
Listen to podcasts
  • due a week from today-mineral gizmo
Continue Role play Who are you?
Crystal shape activity (see me)
  • What is the crystal system of your adopted mineral?

Oct 10th
read 2312
finish listening to podcasts
do not forget gizmo due Friday
Review mineral notes
Begin notes mining mineral resources
complete wordwall
work on biospehres

Oct 11th
read 2312
mining mineral resource notes
hang up word wall

Oct 12th
read through on microbial mat role play
Test Tuesday
Gizmo due Friday
Mineral Activity on your adopted mineral
Notes on
Mining and minerals
role play decisions
notes mining

Oct 13th
test review
Notes fracture and cleavage
  • catch up day:
role play
mighty mineral
Mineral identification gizmo turned in tomorrow
identify a real mineral

Oct 14th
sub work
gizmo emailed to me or turned in to sub

Oct 17
Test Tuesday
Go over gizmo turned in Friday
review minerals, your biospheres, and 2312

Oct 18th
make up work element gizmo

Oct 19th
Test on Canvas
word wall rocks
role play practice
grade notebooks

Oct 20th
sub work

Oct 24th
ACT review
read 2312
identify minerals for test
biosphere observations
biogeochemical cycles of microbial mat

Oct 25th
finish tests
word wall rocks
take mineral picture for adopted mineral

Oct 26th
act practice
  • role play canceled but you are responsible for
    biogeochemical cycles form Oct 25th
Notes rocks
complete activity earth science books pg 138
finish mineral picture

Oct 27th
continue notes rocks
finish activity pg 138
biosphere observations
Bowens reaction series
Practice work
Bowens reaction series

Oct 28th
continue notes igneous rocks

Oct 31st
sub work
complete rock classification gizmo

Nov 1st
test corrections
in notes list sediments chart
in notes list 4 metamorphic rocks w/parent
be sure to get mineral picture turned in
Fossil essay assigned (see me for rubric)
Due Dec 8th

Nov 2nd
mineral pictures
Finish rock notes
  • remember your printed notes can act as notes pages
    if you have made notes on them

Nov 3rd
video and notes
choose which
activity you want to demonstrate
  • For twig videos
username amoalf110
password Stupid123!

Nov 4th
Sub work
Watch the movie Before the Flood
complete movie sheet

Nov 7th
Finish and discuss movie
Plan activities for Wednesday (Nov 3rd)
Glacier interactive
notes sheet

Nov 9th
redo due before end of November
Movie Before the Flood
Navy Recruiter

Nov 10th
stations cancelled due to no internet
biosphere observations
notes oil formation

Nov 11th
complete weathering stations
finish glaciers notes
finish fossil fuel note
Earth Science Daily