Earth Science Daily
March 16th
Apparently all old work has disappeared
questions earthquakes
Notes What is an earthquake?
notes earthquakes
Virtual earthquake
earthquake animations

March 17th
Make 5 slides
research fossil
continue earthquake work

March 20th
STEAM Career day

March 21st
make 5 slides
complete organisms charts for tomorrow

March 22nd
make 5 slides
continue earth quake work see March 16th
seismic activity
  • How much do earthquakes increase in
    intensity of richter scale?
  • which waves are the most destructive?
  • what is the fault scarp?
  • what causes the up and down motions
    on a seismograph?
  • How do rock particles move when a P
    wave, S wave passes?

March 23rd
label quakes for today over magnitude 4
make 5 slides
  • ecosystem powerpoint how do slides
  • 1-4 each slide compare to your
  • What is a tsunami? earthquake? wave?
  • What is the mercalli scale?
  • How was the mercalli scale created?
  • What is a fault scarp?

March 24th
make slides
add data to chart
how slides 4-9 compare to your ecosystem
finish earthquake mastery
  • What are the types of earthquakes
  • What are aftershocks and swarms?
  • where are shallow, medium, and deep
    quakes usually found (boundary)
  • Did all of these earthquakes occur on a
    plate boundary? Explain
New Madrid, Missouri, 1812
San Francisco, 1906
Anchorage, Alaska, 1964
Loma Prieta, California, 1989

March 27th
online test due tonight by midnight (email)
make 5 slides
Begin soil unit. Make notes on each
powerpoint slide then take quiz.
1) From the
Ground Up (make notes)
2) Take notes for each area and its soils
3) show Ms.Addley your score from quiz
4) If students do not have ipad print these
notes and they
summarize all information
into notebook (2 pages minimum)
5) everyone watch
soils video
6) listen to banana
slug song
The song may be silly but soil is a
disappearing resource. Read the
article and
explain why you should thank "dirt" for your

March 28th
Make 5 slides
continue soil unit
1) make notes from
explore plant nutrients
2) after not are complete they have 2
minutes to write a response to this question:
  • Why should we worry about soils
    disappearing? They should turn these
    into to you.
3) watch Introduction to soils part 2
4) What is
soil texture? watch video
complete the activity demonstrated in the
video. Get soil from outside. Leave overnight

March 29th
  • Check your soils determine % silt, sand,
Watch video the soil triangle
soil triangle worksheet
Make 5 slides
notes on NPK
2) Take the
virtual field trip. Make notes on
all 5 videos
  • clean up all graduated cylinders. Do not
    poor soil down the sink

March 30th
make 5 slides
Why do
eclipses occur? Aug 21st 2017
Complete eclipse gizmo

March 31st
watch Ladyhawke!!!!
How is it related to eclipses?

Spring Vacation

April 10th
Make 5 slides
review sub work
Discuss San Andreas Fault Pictures
Watch old
recycling video
Discuss new recycling video

April 11th
Make slides
complete graphing activity
CO2 data
What do you notice?
graph paper

April 12th
Make slides
begin poster introduction
Fossil essay due April 26th MLA format
discuss CO2 what is going on?
Mastery questions
work on video

April 13th
make slides
continue poster introduction
fossil essay questions
film recycling video
work on atmosphere mastery

April 14th
Make slides
discuss fossil essay
work on poster introduction
continue atmosphere mastery

April 17th
Make slides
finish introduction and title
finish video script
work on mastery questions

April 18th
practice film recycling video

April 19th
Make 5 slides
Work on Introduction
Complete organisms charts for posters
Make a
graph of data
finish video production
Complete recycling video
Plan for visit

April 20th
finish video

April 21st
senior breakfast

April 24th
global warming lesson
video 1 for lesson
video 2 for lesson
Resources for lesson
Work in Lab on Poster
Fossil paper due Friday

April 25th
Make 5 slides
work in lab
fossil paper due Friday

April 26th
make 5 slides
continue global warming activities
work in lab
fossil paper due Friday

April 27th
Make 5 slides
poster work in lab
paper due tomorrow

April 28th
paper due
poster work in lab

May 1st
Make 5 slides
work on poster

May 2nd
Recycling Poster work

May 3rd
Poster work with sub

May 4th
Poster work

May 5th
final day for poster work
finish Mastery questions atmosphere

May 8th
Check ecosystems for changes
clean room 10 minutes
Review the atmosphere
Find you stance climate change
Notes the Universe (last week)
Exam Review

May 9th
Clean room 10 minutes
  • How has climate change affected
    Hurricane formation?
Read facebook posts
Atmosphere notes

May 11th
clean 10 minutes
finish atmosphere notes
How do
hurricanes form?
info Hurricanes
Katrina and Ess analysis
Complete hurricane Gizmo
How are tornadoes and hurricanes different?