Extra Credit for Ms. Stripling's Classes

All Classes
  • Students may summarize any article that is related to something we have discussed in class. Hand in the original
    and the summary to replace a quiz grade. You can also watch a science related show  about something we have
    discussed in class and summarize the show in two to three paragraphs.  (There is a limit of two per quarter.)

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Earth Science I  Extra Credit -Replaces one test grade
  • Plate tectonics, continental drift and sea-floor spreading. Please library sources and the following links to write a 3 page
    paper explaining plate tectonics. What is it? What drives it? How does it affect the surface of Earth? What do the crust,
    lithosphere, and convection have to do with the continents moving apart? What will Earth look like in 250 million years? And

  • 12 point font, times new roman font, 1 “margins, double spaced
  • 4 sources required only 2 may be from the Internet
  • bibliography required


Marine Science-Replace one test grade
  • 3 page double spaced paper on jellyfish, include information on how they feed, reproduce, their life stages, and behavior.
    Also include species that are endangered and how they became endangered or extinct. Include the scientific names of any
    speices introduced in your paper.
  • 12pt font, times new roman, 1″ margins.
  • 4 sources are required...2 of these may be internet sites
  • include bibliography

Extra Credit