Aug 19th First Day of School

The theme of this class is sustainability. Each day we
will listen to a song. Be thinking of how you would
define sustainable based on the songs we play this
Ice breaker -the snake
Parent letter Parent
Student Handbook
student information sheet
Introduction photo with your chromebook
  • Login to
  • use google to sign in
  • enter code QPORZN
  • upload your photo with a short reason for taking it
Scavenger hunt
Classroom procedure
Homework: bring a notebook, sign parent letter, finish
student information sheets

Evaluate the picture and answer the questions below:
(in your notebook)
Evaluate this
picture and answer this question
  • Would you share this?
  • Do you care if it is real or not?
  • Is it real? How do you know?
What is STEAM?

Aug 20th
Reading Log Unwind
The poem The
Broken Road
Evaluate this
meme for validity
  • Why would someone post this?
  • Is this true? How do you know
Word Wall How to do it.....
How to
evaluate information
Activity fact vs. opinion lesson instructions
Warm Up
What are the 21st century skills?
Watch video and discuss

Aug 21st
Reading Log Unwind
The decision making process (see me for copies)
activity-decision making
How does this activity relate to the 21st century skills?
Freshman Success