Aug 19th First Day of School

The theme of this class is sustainability. Each day we
will listen to a song. Be thinking of how you would
define sustainable based on the songs we play this
Song The Big Yellow Taxi
Ice breaker -the snake
letter Parent
Student Handbook
student information sheet
Introduction photo with your chromebook
  • Login to
  • use google to sign in
  • enter code
  • upload your photo with a short reason for taking it
Scavenger hunt
Classroom procedure
Homework: bring a notebook, sign parent letter, finish
student information sheets

Aug 20th
Evaluate this picture and answer this question
  • Would you share this?
  • Do you care if it is real or not?
  • Is it real? How do you know?
Evaluate this meme for validity
  • Why would someone post this?
  • Is this true? How do you know
Song Overcome the recapitulation
Take up signed forms
The poem The
Broken Road
Finish scavenger hunt
Reading log American Boys
Word Wall How to do it.....see me

Aug 21st
Evaluate this chart and answer the questions below
  • Does it look legitimate (real)? explain
  • Could you use this as a source for a discussion
    concerning internet usage
Song Gone Jack Johnson
Reading Log The American Boys
How to evaluate information
How to do the word wall.........
Play the back to back drawing game
Play interpretive drawing game

Bellringer: Answer the question for all three memes or
articles below and then evaluate one:
Judge Judy Number 1
Denzel Number 2
Libraries Number 3
  • Why should you question the validity of the information on the
    meme or article?
  • Use the evaluation tool and choose one to actually research
    and prove if is valid or not.
Song Feels like summer
Pep rally tour
Reading Log The American Boys
Notes How to become internet literate (see me)

  • Bellringer Go to 101 ways to help the Earth. Choose
    one method you will try for a week.
  • Upload your choice and reason for the choice to class
    dojo. Upload a picture or a drawing with it.
Read miniature Earth
Define Sustainability in your notebook
Definitions of fact vs opinion
Fact vs opinion activity
Personality test
What are the
21st century skills?
Watch video and discuss
Play Hitchhiker

Song Comfort Eagle
Reading log The American Boyz
Notes sustainable vs. frontier ethic
You write a sustainable ethic
Take the
Ecofootprint quiz
Blog Assignment: Choose one
method to help the
environment and try it for a week. Keep a log describing
what you did and how it went. ON AUGUST 30th blog your
experience. Go to home page for the Sustainable ethic blog
Turn in your choice to help the Earth and have it approved,
Only one person per choice.

Reading Log American Boys
Work on Sustainable blog
Finish personality test
Write a paragraph about your results
Go over scavenger hunt
Finish personality test
Grade word wall

Song State Run Radio
Reading log
Go over Louisiana Trial
Work on sustainable blog

Aug 29th
Reading log American Boys
What is STEAM?
Why don't we notice things?
Notes Decision Making Process
The decision making process (see me for copies)
activity-decision making
Role play some decisions-create a scene
How does this activity relate to the 21st century skills?
Learn the Alma Mater by September 5th
check Rubric
Game Zoom in Zoom out
Game catergories

Aug 30
Sub work

Sept 3rd
Song Freedom
Reading log
Choice Board uploaded to Google classroom
Grade notebooks

Sept 4th
Song No Scrubs
Read American Boys
Go over sub work
Discuss blog grades
Begin Goal setting activities
Pre Assessment
Complete my goals sheet   
play game 10 fingers

Sept 5th
Song Where is the love?
Reading Log The American Boys
goal setting activities
Discuss STEAM PBL project with JAG

Sept 6th
Reading log
goal setting template Iceland
Play 3 some

Sept 9th
reading log
Review iceland goal sheet
ACT Review
Begin Bucket list activity

Sept 10th
Song Stressed Out
Reading log
Discuss Iceland goals
Continue work on bucket list project

Sept 11th
Song Stressed Out
Discuss Iceland goals
Discuss community projects
Discuss mural ideas and sketches
watch movie Rudy part 1
complete goal identification work from movie

Sept 12th
I am giving the ACT pretest today
Report to 207
Work on your bucket list activity (FINISH)

Sept 13th
Reading log
Give Iceland presentations to EF

Sept 16th
Reading log
Give Bucket list presentations

Sept 17th
Sub work

Sept 18th
reading log
Continue the movie Rudy

Sept 19th
ACT practice
song reading log
catch up missed grades
finish Rudy
complete Rudy goal sheet
Create Rudy adjective list
Use an adjective to describe how Rudy reached his
Use more adjectives to describe how you will
meet your own goals.

Sept 20th
  • I can express behaviors to solve problems before
    they happen
  • I can create a reading guide form informational text
ACT practice
reading log
What is a reading guide?
Proactive vs. reactive behavior
The choice is your activity
Proactice versus reactive

Sept 23rd
  • I can begin with the end in mind
  • I can write a personal mission statement
Reading log
Reading guide practice
Continue proactive vs. reactive activity
finish murals and turn in
Begin work personal mission statement

Sept 24th
  • I can write a personal mission statement
  • I can begin with the end in mind
ACT practice take test
Continue reading guide
Continue personal mission statement

Sept 25th
Sub work

Sept 26th
  • I can write a personal mission statement
Finish personal mission statement
Play bandaid

Sept 27th
  • I can describe what it means to be a highly effective
  • I can write a reading guide of informational text
ACT practice
habits of effective teenagers
Habits activity

Sept 30th
  • I can let people see the real me
ACT practice
Turn in mission statement  
What is challenge day?
Play the 10 things in common game
If you really knew me sign upload to class dojo
Play who dunit?

Oct 1st
  • I can make real connections with other people
song shoots and ladders
Challenge time--reading guide
Watch  Riverside high school
activities Riverside

Oct 3rd
  • I can try to see things from other peoples perspectives
ACT practice
check notebooks
Continue Challenge Day
Play the if you really knew me game

Oct 4th
ACT practice
check notebooks
Begin Paris High School video

Oct 7th
ACT practice
Play the social network game
Begin scenario activity

Oct 8th
ACT practice
finish scenario activity
If you really knew me.....
Discuss 21st century skills
right way / wrong way skits

Oct 9th
Challenge Day Paris high school
Turn in questions from high school video
if you really knew me activity

Oct 10th
Go to education
complete guided questions
Lets discuss grades

Oct 11th
evaluator activity
Choose career
career guided questions
Homework career interview

Oct 14th
  • Begin reading 10 things I have been meaning to say to
    you. Work on your list of 10 things.
Go over the interview homework
Finish assembly line activity
Take the learning style questionnaire
Make your own
lesson from the 5 study skills
Lesson plan information (see me)

Oct 15th
Read The American Boys
Read 10 things I want to tell you
Write ten things you want to tell another group
  • Choose study skill lesson you are going to complete
    with a partner get teacher approval
Complete lesson plan template

Oct 16th
Read The American Boys
Begin Practice for Pep Rally
If not participating in Pep rally complete the following
webquest or begin essay.
  • Essay should be 2 pages MLA format with referenced

Oct 17th
Read the American Boys
Pep Rally practice
If not participating in Pep rally:    finish essay or look at your
webquest from yesterday and write a one page explanation of
your answers. For instance if you answered that you never study
then explain why that is okay for you. If you are a straight A
student discuss the ideas behind learning styles as we discussed
previously in the week. If you do not have straight A's then
explain why not being your best is okay. Use research to back up
what you say.
There has been some complaining about how making students
write is a punishment. If you prefer you may write your one page
explanation concerning the use of writing and the  mental anguish
caused from writing short essays. Find
valid research that
supports the idea that students should not be writing in schools.
Once again all work must be supported by proper references.

Oct 18th
Begin Talk about safety-SC
Continue study skills lesson plans

Oct 21st
  • Homework Assignment-find a protest song concerning a
    topic in American history or today. Send me the lyrics and
    the answer to the following questions on an email:
What caused the artist to become an activist?
How has being an activist affected their life or lives(if band)?
What is the song protesting against?

Continue talk about safety
Continue study skills lesson plan

Oct 23rd
Finish book American Boys
Continue work
study skill lesson plan

Oct 24th
American Boys discussion questions
1st study skill lesson presented
continue preparing lessons
Begin reading March

Oct 25th
Read March
American Boys discussion questions
lesson presentations
Safety in workplace

Oct 28th
Read March
More lesson presentations
Readers theater
How we
say it matters

Nov 8th
Sub work Salt

Nov 11th
Read March
Answer discussion questions
Continue readers theater work
readers theater

Read March
Answer discussion questions
Continue readers theater
Freshman Success