Marine Science Daily
April 10th
all previous work lost
make 5 slides
review sub work
Go over trip pictures

April 11th
make 5 slides
complete CO2 graph
give back sub work
phyla chart
Make clay sponges if time allows

April 12th
make 5 slides
complete sponges phyla chart
work on introduction
clay sponges

April 13th
Make 5 slides
continue introduction
paint sponges
demonstrate filter feeding
sponge movie
cnidarian discussion

April 14th
Make 5 slides
cnidarian movie
Paint sponges
make coral reef background

April 17th
make 5 slides
finish introductions
complete ctenophoran chart
create corals
complete mollusk chart

April 18th
make 5 slides
go to lab to work on poster
discuss mollusks
work on coral reef

April 19th
Make 5 slides
finish Introduction
create graphs of population data
complete mollusks in phyla chart

April 20th
Make 5 slides
assigned finish phyla sheet for homework
work in lab for poster

April 21st
Paint mural

April 24th
Take up phyla sheet
Complete coral reef gizmo
work in lab on poster

April 25th
make 5 slides
continue coral reef gizmo
work in lab on poster

April 26th
make 5 slides
global warming discussion
Fun with Worms
work in lab on poster

April 27th
make 5 slides
Mural painting

April 28th
yearbook day

May 1st
Make 5 slides
work on poster
work on role play

May 5th
Finish poster
work on role play

May 8th
Clean 10 minutes
Work on role play
Phyla chart complete
Begin Phyla Scrapbook

May 9th
finish coral reef Gizmo
Begin Part 2 Coral reef Gizmo
Continue scrapbook
complete scrapbook page for each
Phyla on chart

May 10th
clean 10 minutes
continue scapbook page sof marine phyla

May 11th
clean 10 minutes
finish coral reef gizmo 2
continue scrapbook pages