Marine Science Daily
Aug 17th First Day of School
Send home parent letter Discuss on Tuesday to prepare for eclipse
Parent letter
  • What is an eclipse?
Eclipse Pretest
Notes lunar and solar eclipses
Eclipse Gizmo

Aug 18th
Eclipse Station Day
  • What are some special features during a solar eclipse?
Jolley's room Station 1:  Big Sun, Small Moon:  Why do the sun and
moon look like they are the same size in the sky?
Mullinax room Station 2:Dancing to the Eclipse and legends of
Ezell room Station 3: Eclipse Safety: how to use safety glasses
Faust room Station 4:  
Modeling Eclipses:   Handout Students will
make observations and construct explanations
Rogers room Station 5: Make a
pinhole viewer
Cash room Station 6: Eclipse
movie phenomenon How to watch the
  • Please have everyone download the Smithsonian eclipse App
    from the APP Catalogue.

Aug 22nd
  • What is TALON?
  • What are proper safety procedures?
  • Class Introduction
  • Standard: H.E.1A.3   Plan and conduct controlled scientific
    investigations to answer questions, test hypotheses, and
    develop explanations: (1) formulate scientific questions and
    testable hypotheses based on credible scientific information,
    (2) identify materials, procedures, and variables, (3) use
    appropriate laboratory equipment, technology, and techniques
    to collect qualitative and quantitative data, and (4) record and
    represent data in an appropriate form. Use appropriate safety
Earth Science Standards
Discuss Website and its use
Review Parent letter and play the pain Game
Talon Class Introduction
Scavenger hunt
Notebook instructions

Aug 23rd
Review Standard HE1A3
finish scavenger hunt
finish notebooks
Safety Contract signed
Make safety pictures
Scientific method vs engineering design notes

Aug 24th
Continue with Standard HE1A3
Find link to table of contents on home page
check notebooks
check safety contracts
Discuss Lab Safety
Problem: We never have enough Algae for ecosystems.
Question: How can we get more algae to grow quickly without
buying it?
method vs engineering design notes
Venn diagram
Scientific method organizer

Answer bell ringer question usa test prep
  • How do I design an experiment?
  • What are the variables involved in experimental design?
Train 9th grade for recycling check pg 18 notebook
Page 19 notebook Hypothesis and variable for experimental design
Complete scientific method  task sheet pg 20 notebook
Engineering design organizer

Aug 29th
  • What is the STEAM Academy?
  • What is sustainability?
Finish experiment design

Aug 30th
Song Big Yellow Taxi
Marine Science
syllabus ---- for reference
definitions page 20
paragraph for
miniature earth
  • Test Friday safety, sci meth vs engineering, sustainability
What is the frontier ethic?
Ethics notes-output
write sustainable ethic for homework

Aug 31st
What is your ecofootprint?
Blog for sustainability due Sept 19th
Ecofootprint quiz
Rubric for grading blog response
Easter Island work

Sept 1st
Test safety, scientific method, sustainability

Sept 5th
Begin watershed discussion

Sept 6th
What is the watershed?
What is the water cycle?
MS-ESS2-4   Develop a model to describe the cycling of water
through Earth's systems driven by energy from the sun and the
force of gravity.
Discuss water cycle
cycle diagram reference
Discover your watershed

Sept 7th
Sub Work
You will need Ipad to complete assignments and research
Complete watershed handout 1 and 2 from notebook pg 24
Complete watershed handout 3 and 4 from notebook pg 25
Take detailed notes from Water
shed notes pg 30 notebook
water pollution video with Mr Faust if time allows
Watershed handout if you lost yours from pages 24 and 25

Sept 8th
Change of Pace New Standard H.E.5A.5 Construct explanations
for the formation of severe weather conditions to create hurricanes
Create a hurricane
Follow how a
hurricane knows where to go

Sept 13th
What is an estuary?
Man video
Discuss blog assignment due Sept 19th
Review upper broad watershed work
Trace the
Alabama River Watershed

Sept 14th
Song Aint no rest for wicked
complete estuary handouts form page 24 and 25
Estuary formations
Create an
estuary food web

Sept 15th
continue estuary food web activity
Remember blog is due sept 19
Lab report due sept 29
Discuss Charleston estuary
web notes
Complete guided
questions ecocolumn
Ecocolumn directions
Grade notebook
Test Tuesday

Sept 18th
Test review
Use the review to check your notes to be sure you have this
Play estuary game

Sept 19th
Test today
after test finish ecocolumn questions
complete word wall

Sept 20th
What is in seawater besides water?
What is salinity? What affects salinity?
What dissolved substances are found in seawater?
What is pH and how does it relate to seawater?
notes seawater chemistry
density activity

Sept 21st
finish density activity
continue seawater chemistry notes
Gizmo Dissolving salts

_____________________STOP HERE______________________

Aug 16th
What is the scientific method and how does it compare to
engineering design?
How can we be safe in the lab?
  • 1st period
Song Big Yellow Taxi--input
question types-output
Class Introduction
Student info sheet---- turn in
Review parent letter

  • 4th period
Song Comfort Eagle---- input
Safety Contract---turn in by Aug 19th work with Ms. Andry
Brainpop Scientific method quiz-input
method vs engineering design-output
Scientific method organizer--turn in Aug 30th
Engineering design organizer--turn in Aug 30th
Complete venn diagram- sci. meth. and eng. design input
reading log 2312-input

Aug 17th
How do I design an experiment or a product?
  • 1st period
scavenger hunt
practice tips detail questions
Man video output
method vs engineering design-output
Scientific method organizer--turn in Aug 30th
Engineering design organizer--turn in Aug 30th

Aug 18th
Sub work
paragraph miniature earth
Watch Planet earth Mountains
complete movie info sheet

Aug 19th

  • 1st period
How do scientific method and engineering method compare?
ACT tips output
discuss miniature earth
Venn diagram scientific method vs. engineering input
Create hypothesis
complete experimental procedure-output
Brainpop scientific method- reference

  • 4th period
What is the frontier ethic vs. the sustainable ethic?
ACT tips-output
Ethics notes-output
Read 2312 introduction-input
seeds in a baggie research-- reference
Complete hypothesis-worksheet (see aug 17th for copy)
experimental procedure --worksheet (see aug 17th for copy)

August 22nd
  • 1st period
Continue Scientific method and Engineering design?
ACT tips inference questions ---output
Song Overcome --input
Ethics frontier vs. Sustainable ---output
homework create the sustainable ethic--input
Check your hypothesis --info sheet
create materials list for experiment--turn in

  • 4th period
ACT tips
Song Overcome
Review sustainable ethic homework
Create materials list--turn in
create procedure for experiment--info sheet
Blog for sustainability due September 10th
Ecofootprint quiz
Rubric for grading blog response

Aug 23rd
What is a watershed?
ACT Tips scientific method output
Be sure your seed experiment has begun
Song input
10 minutes work on engineering idea for seed bag
Blog for sustainability due Sept 12th turn in
Ecofootprint quiz reference
Rubric for grading blog response turn in
Chesnee's watershed reference

Aug 24th
sub work
Easter Island work--turn in
watch blue planet open ocean

Aug 25th
How do we engineer a convenient seed bag?
ACT hint output
Read 2312 definitions
seed observations input
engineering ideas input

Aug 26th
How to engineer a prototype?
ACT compare and Contrast
no song
continue seed project

Aug 29th
What is the watershed?
ACT question 1
song input
water pollution Gizmo turn in

Aug 30th
What is the water cycle?
ACT #2
Read 2312
Watershed activities (see me)
Semester project assigned input

Aug 31st
WHat is a topographic map?
reading 2312
continue watershed activities topographic map turn in
semester project observations inpit

Sept 1st My Birthday!!!
What is the waterhsed?
reading 2312
continue watershed activities
Trace the
Alabama River Watershed
  • Test tomorrow watershed, scientific method vs engineering,
    frontier vs sustainable ethic turn in

Sept 2nd
Read 2312
song input
Louisiana project input

Sept 6th
What is nutrient pollution?
Act practice
read 2312
water pollution gizmo output
work on projects input
notebooks graded
Test Thursday sustainable vs. frontier ethic, watershed, scientific
method vs. engineering design

Sept 7th
ACT practice
Read 2312
finish Gizmo water pollution
review for test tomorrow
notebooks graded

Sept 8th
Test 1
ecosystem work

Sept 9th
Go to creek for samples

Sept 12th
What is the estuary?
Act practice
read 2312
song Don't Go Near the Water
Notes What is the Estuary?
complete tides gizmo
Blog for sustainability due September 10th
Ecofootprint quiz
Rubric for grading blog response
  • if the blog is not done by this thursday it is a 0 for a test grade

Sept 13th
How are tides formed?
Act practice
read 2312
Tides Gizmo
word wall

Sept 14th
ACT practice
read 2312
hang up word wall

Water quality for ecosystem
ecosystem project

  •   For work between Sept 14th and Sept 25 see me

Sept 26th
Read 2312
Test review estuaries
All powerpoints found
here for test study
work on ecosystems

Sept 27th
Notebook graded

Sept 28th
Read 2312
notes seawater chemistry
Work on ecosystems

Sept 29th
sub work on ecosystems

sept 30th
act practice
read 2312
pep rally
  • show proof you know what the water quality tests are.

Oct 3rd
ACT practice
read 2312
  • Draw 4 biogeochemical cycles in your notebook

Oct 4th
continue seawater notes
work on ecosystems

Oct 5th
seawater notes
role play
biogeochemical cycles
  • Choose one of the following to draw labeled pictures of
    organisms  (Gloecapsa (cyanobacteria), Oscillatoria (cyanobacteria), Spirulina
    (cyanobacteria), unicellular cyanobacteria, diatoms, Phormidium (cyanobacteria), sulfur
    bacteria, purple sulfur bacteria, colorless sulfur bacteria, fermenters, and Microcoleus

Homework: define ocean acidification -what when where why
Microbial mats information
mats role play

Oct 6th
review for test
discuss ocean acidification
work on role play

Oct 7th
Test see canvas
word wall Ocean Bottom
role play practice

Oct 10th
read 2312
Ocean Bottom
Gizmo ocean bottom
Role play practice and costume decisions

Oct 11th
act read 2312
work on role play
work on ecosystems
4th grid drawing

Oct 12th
read 2312
cont. notes ocean bottom
bottom image
submarine canyons
Gizmo ocean bottom

Oct 13th
finish ocean Bottom Gizmo's
Zones of the
ocean notes

Oct 14th
Sub work

Oct 17th
Sub work 1st period
4th period catch up to 1st period

Oct 18th
ACT practice
gizmo ocean mapping
discuss role play

Oct 19th
Finish Ocean Layers notes
test Thursday with sub
ocean sediments

Oct 20th
sub work

Oct 24th
Ocean waves
Work on role play
biogeochemical cycle to notebook

Oct 25th
More notes ocean waves
role play practice
word wall waves

Oct 26th
ACT practice
  • role play canceled but you are responsible for the
    biogeochemical cycles of the microbial mats in your
    notes (see Oct 24th)
Notes waves
ecosystem work
Instructions for making Scientific poster due Dec 8th

Oct 27th
ACT practice
App team video today
continue notes waves
ocean noise pollution
What is sound?
video science of sound

Oct 28th
App team video
water glass music
more waves notes

Oct 31st
Sub work
complete waves handout (see me)

Nov 1st
go over waves handout
work on ecosystems

Nov 2nd
finish going over sub work
complete station work water music
write titles for your posters
begin introduction
Instructions for making Scientific poster due Dec 8th

Nov 3rd
work on posters
4th period sound stations

Nov 4th
act 2312
review sound stations
article mysterious
sound in Canadian Ocean
finish and turn in poster introduction
Currents label map

Nov 7th
Sub work
Watch movie Before the Flood
complete worksheet

Nov 8th
Notes ocean currents
Type in introduction to poster
Make Materials and Methods section of poster
Observations and testing
Navy Recruiting

Nov 10th
go over notes currents
begin current identification activity
material and methods section of poster

Nov 11th
continue current notes
identify currents
create materials and methods for poster
begin notes seawater