Marine Science Daily Lessons
Jan 7th
The theme of this class is sustainability.
Each day we will listen to a song. Be thinking of how you
would define sustainable based on the songs we play this
Song State Run Radio
No Internet available today
Link to Marine
Science Standards
Parent Letter
Sign parent letter here if you cannot get on Canvas
Introduction picture sent to me

Jan 8th
Notes sustainable vs. frontier ethic
Song Big Yellow Taxi
You write a sustainable ethic
Take the
Ecofootprint quiz
Blog Assignment: Choose one
method to help the
environment and try it for a week. Keep a log describing what
you did and how it went. On January 16th blog your
Turn in your choice to help the Earth and have it approved,
Only one person per choice.
Scavenger hunt
Homework: Parent letter, lab safety

Jan 9th
Song Gone
Read Moby Dick
Discuss your method to help the planet. and how to journal
about it
Recycling Tour
Blog for sustainability due Jan 16th
Rubric for grading blog response
Gizmo Effects of the Environment

Jan 10th
Read Moby Dick
Review rubrics for blog
finish scavenger hunt
Take safety picture
Song Simple Man
Begin Scientific
method Gizmo

Jan 13th
Read Moby Dick
Song Overcome
Finish Scientific method Gizmo

Jan 14th
Finish Gizmo

Jan 15th
read Moby Dick
Begin notes ecosystem project

Jan 16th
Song beds are Burning
Read Moby Dick
How to make a stop
motion video on Google slides
Understand why we complete the following tests
oxygen, phosphorous, nitrogen, turbidity, Ph, Salinity,

Jan 17th
ACT practice
Read paragraph for
miniature earth
Watch video
Watersheds on youtube
Draw watershed in your notes and label
Begin stop animation of watershed

Jan 21st

Jan 22nd
Test tomorrow
ACT practice
happens to our plastic.  What was the most shocking
thing you learned?  What is the most polluted river in the
world? Was there any positive news?
  • If you are interested learn what you can do to reduce
    your own single-use plastics, take your pledge.
What is the name and HUC for our watershed?
Describe exactly what the HUC number means from video.
  • Use DHEC form to determine the exact watershed
    location and HUC number for CHESNEE SC (you will find
    a map-look well)
Notes Watersheds continued in notebook
Complete watershed stop animation video

Jan 23rd
Test tomorrow
ACT practice
Work on ecosystems
Continue work on watershed animation (turn in)
continue notes on watersheds

Jan 24th

Jan 27th
Watershed stations
Gizmo pond ecosystems
Notes on estuaries and complete organizer

Jan 28th

Jan 29th
make slides for ecosystem
go outside for samples

Jan 30th
Gizmo pond ecosystem
Watershed stations

Jan 31st
ecosystem observations
finish watershed stations
gizmo pond ecosystems

Feb 3rd
ecosystem observations
biogeochemical cycles webquest

Feb 4th

Feb 5th
finish recycling
continue webquest
be sure to turn in pond ecosystem Gizmo
ecosystem observations

Ecosystem observations
Notes nitrogen cycle
Game nitrogen cycle
Draw your own nitrogen cycle

Feb 7th
no school weather

Feb 10th
ecosytem observations
Finish nitrogen cycle drawing
complete biogeochemical webquest in class or at home
What is an estuary?
Complete estuary food web activity
Complete food web for your ecosystem to this point

Feb 11th
work on ecosystems
What are the
4 types of estuaries

Feb 12th
sub work

Feb 13th

Feb 14th
work on ecosystems
Change ecosystems for new tanks

Feb 17th
work on ecosystems
Estuary infographic
Notes estuaries
estuary food web
Begin citizen science project Run Herring Run

Feb 18th

Feb 19th

Feb 20th
ecosystem observations
Citizen science activity
Notes Coastal Landforms
hopefully snow this afternoon

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