Work for Anthony

Semester Project and Research Paper
Requirements and Deadlines:
~Once you read up on the events of the time period,
you must come up with a creative way to present it to
your classmates. Examples listed below:
Dress up as a person from that time period and
discuss what you witness/go through daily
Create a movie with movie maker about the time
Create very detailed power point that is both high
interest and gives informative events
These are just a few suggestions. You can come up
with your own, but please run them by me first.

*Bloom’s Ball – Due October 18
~The second assignment involves your first novel.
This novel must be written in/or influenced by the time
period.  You will be give a handout regarding the
requirements and materials for the Bloom’s ball, but
you will be creating it at home and assembling it in

*Research Paper – Due November 22
~This paper involves the second novel that is written
in/influenced by the time period. You will be writing a
paper that is a historical criticism in which you discuss
how that time period is evident in your novel by critical
analysis that is supported by your research of the
time period.
5-7 pages in length (12 point font and double spaced)
MLA format with works cited page
5-6 sources (primary source is novel and research
must be at least 4 more secondary sources)
Internet sources allowed but limited to:  .org, .gov,
and .edu

Math assignments
continue test corrections

Continue tests in marine science and Government